The Quincy Shooting Incidences that Tarnished the Name of the Area

The Quincy apartment area is located in near River Raritan, New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is bound by Liberty Street and the New Street. The Quincy complex had for a while been a safe home for many families, until in the recent past when theft and shooting crimes started happening. Those incidences left the residents feeling insecure and the police terming the area as a crime hotspot.


The Pizza Robbery


On May 7th, 2013 a pizza delivery man arrived at the Quincy apartments which have over 200 units to make a delivery. On arrival to the area, the residents claimed that no one had ordered a pizza despite the delivery guy delivering upon request. As he turned back to the vehicle, he was approached by three men who claimed to have placed the order.


They shot him and robbed him of the pizza and the cash he had before driving off. Later a gun wounded guy arrived at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for treatment. He was believed to be the victim of the incident. On the case, a regular street guy was arrested in connection with the shooting.


A 21-year-old man, Parysh Wood was the mastermind of the crime. Parysh who also goes by the street name “Pistol” has been involved in several other criminal activities within the area. In this case, particularly, he was charged with giving false witness, obstruction of justice, and unlawful possession of arm.


The October Shooting


On October 7th, 2015, another shooting occurred at around 9.30pm. Residents claimed they heard four gunshots. An injured person was rushed to the hospital with the Good Samaritan ending up to be the suspect. When the police were informed, they went to investigate the area of the crime only to find more bullets. This discovery prompted them to do a thorough research on the incident.


Other serious crimes involving shooting and robbery have been reported in the area making it an unsafe place for the residents. There is a possibility that many criminal activities happening in the area go undocumented. According to the police department, many shootings that happen come from domestic fights.


The police believe that the high number of gun possession within the compound has resulted in the increase in gun shootings. They are, however, thankful to the advance in technology as the thugs always leave behind a footprint that is traced back to them.


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