The Realreal is Your Go-To Platform for Great Fashion Pieces This Valentines Day

The Realreal, a luxury consignment site, is not a place you can find a fake Chanel bag. It authenticates products and churns out the fake. The San Francisco Bay Area based company is popular for genuine products and high-touch consignment services. The following are some of The Realreal items that have attracted the attention of many shoppers.

LV collars & Hermes leashes

Many Americans treasure their pets and most of them can’t imagine losing them. Human and puppies establish a bond that makes them inseparable. When you’re away and you left your dog at home, you will miss it and you can’t wait to get back home. It will probably greet you at the door excited to see you back. There is so much that can be said about people and their pets but that is besides the point. The Realreal offers authenticated dog accessories that will improve the relationship between you and your pet. The accessories that they have recently showcased includes LV collars and Hermes leashes.

Sartorial pieces

If you’re looking to strike a sartorial balance, consign can see your needs met. While you give the pieces you no longer include in your dressing style a new life, you get to earn to invest in the next pieces that will complement your dressing style. As the Valentine’s Day approaches, it is time to add some Valentine’s Day-ready pieces to your obsessions.


Handbags greatly complement a dressing style of a lady. Designer bags have increased popularity over the past few years and it speaks more about class and good taste. In the wake of Valentine’s Day, ladies are flocking stores in search for handbags that go along with other pieces nicely.

Who The Realreal are

Founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, The Realreal is a luxury consignment company that has put a lot of efforts to ensure it offers authenticated and genuine products. The company has grown rapidly due to a good reputation a provider of genuine products and high-touch consignment services.


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