The Reputation of Bruno Fagali as an Attorney in Brazil

To those who are involved in the advertisement industry, it may not come as a surprise that as of 1st October, photographers in France are expected to indicate “retouched” in case of advertisement in which the model’s body has been retouched. It therefore acts as some form of Photoshop alert. Follow Bruno Fagali on Twitter.

The justification for this is that an estimate of thirty to forty thousand people in the country suffer from anorexia and there is a high rate of reported deaths from the same. Most of these, are Folloscents. Brazil already discussed the subject in 2010 and came up with the Bill 6853/2010 which requires notification for retouched images.

A recent publication of the official city Gazette indicates that if a supplier chooses to market bio plastic bags, it should not have the company logo so that the consumer does not advertise for the supplier and get no payment in return. If the supplier decides to include the company logo in the bag, then the distribution should be at no cost. Breach of this constitutes violation of the rules in article 6. Procon Paulistano uses the provisions given by the Consumer Protection Code like protection from abusive advertising and forecasts which take excessive advantage of consumers.

In simple terms, Procon understood that it is too much to ask the consumer to pay for the bag and still be required to advertise it. The decision was influenced by the recent bags regulation in Sao Paulo. The Municipal Law prohibited free distribution and sale of plastic bags in 2011.

Bruno Fagali is one of the fast rising lawyers in Brazil. Alongside other lawyers, he is bringing a new dimension to the legal system in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has several years of experience and great knowledge in Administrative Law. He has worked for a number of law firms as of 2006 practising in different law disciplines. Currently, Bruno Fagali works as the corporate integrity manager for Nova. He also practises independently in his agency, the Fagali Law Firm. He is well known for his professionalism and integrity in the provision of legal services and is one of the most sought after attorneys in Brazil. Read more:



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