The Success And Growth Of Stream Energy

Stream Energy is one of the largest companies within the global energy market. They provide solar, wind, and hydro energy to homes and businesses, wireless services, protective services and home services as well. The company has earned more than $8 billion in revenues thus far and continues to grow. Stream Energy has been in business for 13 years and provided electricity to 9 states including Texas, New Jersey, and New York.

In addition to business, Stream Energy has created a philanthropic effort called Stream Cares. Launched in 2016, the company supports a number of causes through direct funding, donations, and events. Some of the organizations that Stream Cares supports include Operation Once in a Lifetime, Cell Phones for Soldiers, and Habitat for Humanity. Through it’s Women Of Power program, the company invests to help women get ahead in the workplace by developing and promoting female leadership within the company. It brings women together to inspire and motivate one another and mentor them to their business in a variety of ways such as retreats.

Stream Opportunity has made thousands of people to become financially independent by earning rewards from selling services and signing up new customers. Stream Energy provides the resources needed so it’s Independent Associates can successfully run their businesses selling the company’s services. Another initiative by the company is Stream Green, an eco-friendly initiative. The company is offering green and renewable energy plans that will help their customers offset 1,000 kwh which equals 212 trees over the course of a decade. Designed to help Independent Associates and their customers, Stream Opportunity allows customers to enroll in the company’s renewable energy plans and green plans. Offered to residential and business customers, they can neutralize their electricity generated carbon emissions just by using energy from renewable sources like the wind, hydro, and solar options that Stream Energy provides.


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