The True Meaning of A “Hero”

How many of the millions of humans on earth proclaim that the rights of all should be treated without fear of perjury, punishment or death? And of those countless individuals, how many really put action to their claims?

Stating you wants the world to be a better place and actually doing something about it are two very different, very fear-inducing, very misunderstood ideals. However, there is a man willing to do anything to give those seen as weak or inferior by tyrannical dictatorships the fighting chance and that is Thor Halvorssen.

Thor Halvorssen is a Norweigen-Venezualan councilmember in The Humans Rights Foundation, founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, and antagonist of the authoritarian leaders around the world who prey upon what the aforementioned leaders’ label “the weak”. Some of the many awe-inspiring things can be attributed to his past.

Thor’s family has encountered so many obstacles, including the imprisonment of his father, the unjust shooting of his mother and the imprisonment of his cousin.

Thor Halvorssen is the kind of family, friend or neighbor you would want to have your back, for he will fight for you as he did for his family, like writing an article to expose what happened to his mother, or freeing his father from prison no matter the cost, fighting against odds most people see as impossible and achieving miracles big and small.

Most might try to see flaws and reasons for why Thor is the strong, wonderful advocate of the good in the world.

Some might use his background, his gender, his sexual orientation, his lifestyle, his religious beliefs or his associations to try and simplify how someone can be so inherently good despite adversity. For those who need a simplified version of who Thor Halvorssen is, he is the true meaning of a hero.


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