The Wizard of Concert Production: Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a producer in the music industry. His wide array of knowledge makes him valuable in many aspects of the art. Clay was born in Nashville, Tennessee and attained his bachelors degree from Central Michigan University in Theater Design. He would then pursue a masters degree at Steven M. Ross School of Business. He held several positions starting with project coordinator and sound engineer for many types of music. After being exposed to an abundance of genres, Clay Hutson knew that Rock ‘n’ Roll was where he wanted to primarily work. The industry of music has allowed Clay to see places all over Europe and North America as well as Australia. Wanting to buckle down and focus on his own business, he established his own production management company. His abundance of knowledge that he garnered over the years has helped him tremendously in his endeavors. He leads others by setting the tone and example himself. The area of music that Clay Hutson primarily focuses on is concert production. He states live production as being exhilarating and a full circle type of event for spectators and fans. With him being such a fan of live concerts, he has a passion to work with the best performers.

Clay Hutson is currently assisting Kid Rock with his Red Blooded Rock ‘n’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour. As Kid Rock’s stage manager, Clay has proven himself to be a worthy asset in the operation. The two worked together on a previous tour earlier in the year and the outcome was a major success. With Kid Rock being an outspoken personality, Clay has worked hard to match efforts and fulfil all needs for the performances. Sometimes the shows blueprint doesn’t always line up with local production gear and Hutson mentions that as being an obstacle, but not unmanageable. His sought after perspective on live shows is due to his diverse background in music.

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