The Work of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick is one of the great writers and producers of the 1900’s. Borthwick has produced some of the best work of this century as both an author and a broadcaster. He has served his country in the army and has used those years of experience as subject matter for a lot of his work. His work is considered to be very relevant more than a century later.

The city of Glasglow is where Alastair Borthwick spent most of his childhood. He attended Glasgow High School where he was a part of the school’s Officer Training Corps. Borthwick didn’t finish high school however and soon began working for the local newspaper the Glasgow Weekly Herald. This proved to be a career changing experience for Borthwick. He had an opportunity to perfect his writing skills writing on various topics. Borthwick became aware of the changing culture in the Glasglow area. Many young people were finding time to participate in activities such as hitchhiking and rock climbing.

Borthwick soon would write his first book titled “Always a Little Further.” Published in 1939, the book documented the changing culture of this time period. Borthwick created a great picture of life during this time. His book is considered a classic. It has remained in print since the time it was published in 1939.

Alastair Borthwick spent many years serving in the British Army. He spent most of his time working as a Battalion Intelligence Officer, eventually reaching the rank of captain. Years later he was a part of the Reconnaissance Corps where he was eventually promoted to lieutenant. Borthwick became known for being a great leader. He was respected by member of his unit as well as his opposition. Borthwick used his experience in the army to help him write his second book “Sans Peur.” The book was a first hand account of his experience during World War II>

After the war Alastair Borthwick began to put his focus on broadcasting. He would go on to produce dozens of television show on a variety of topics which include his experience in the war. Borthwick’s work continues to live on years after his death. His legacy will live on for ever.

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