This Little Secret Made GreenSky Credit a Huge Success in Today’s Home Improvement World

David Zalik, CEO of GreenSky Credit, is the type of person who’s had various victories in his career starting from a very young age.

Being a math whiz, Zalik grew out of high school and started going to college at Auburn University at 14 years of age. Walking in the footsteps of his father, Zalik learned mathematics and began his initial company, MicroTech Information Systems, as a freshman. MicroTech manufactured computers and marketed them for students. The company eventually skyrocketed, and Zalik grew the business, contracting computers for corporations and proposing software eventually as well.

Zalik operated MicroTech Information Systems in Alabama for eight years. As with numerous technology success accounts, Zalik became a success so fast that he ultimately left Auburn College. He sold the business in 1996, relocated to Atlanta and established a couple more businesses — Outweb and Phoenix — with the MicroTech sale profits that totaled “in the millions,” Bloomberg published a year ago. (Afterward, Zalik began investing the returns on commercial properties prior to organizing the new businesses.)

Zalik is operating his fourth profitable business out of Atlanta, a mobile credit upstart by the title of GreenSky Credit that’s communicating with banks in order to make the process of obtaining loans more streamlined. This start-up got funded a year ago for a price of $3.6 billion. Investors included companies like the Fifth Third Bancorp.

GreenSky Credit runs by scanning a consumer’s driver’s license so that you do not need to enter in a bunch of personal data, Zalik mentioned. You’ll put in a few additional details of numeric information such as a social security ID. It gives them the authorization to draw credit.

After a couple seconds, it says congratulations you are approved and it provides the terms and disclosures for you to get back to what actually matters. At the end of the day, Zalik said, everyone isn’t exactly sure of what they’re looking to do in the beginning stages, which is okay. GreenSky Credit is one of those things he had a passion about, connecting consumers to solutions that are fast and easy.

If you aren’t very certain about what you’re passionate about, Zalik said, look for an industry you can be enthusiastic about and start working in it. Find out all you can about it. Knowledge is power as they say. Possibilities are there within all industries, so go out and pursue them. “It doesn’t stop,” Zalik noted.


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