Traveling Vineyard – The Best Wine Business

Traveling Vineyard is one of a kind home vending wine business that for a wine sourced from all over the world. We have a unique boutique wine from the best grapes moved around by our consultants who are fun and entertaining. The independent experts carry out educational and wine tasting at your private home.

As a member, you will enjoy two bottles of quality wine, educational and fun tasting tidbits, tasting notes, serving questions, food pairing ideas, and recipes. The marketing teams also get high pay for every wine testing and administrative service.

Participating in the wine tasting, you meet new people, have fun and develop new friendships. Regional meetings are scheduled where you can meet other wine guides and discuss marketing techniques. This will allow every wine guide to have the ability to develop their marketing skills and feel like they are part of a team. There is also an annual harvest for wine guides that are working for Traveling Vineyard.

As the host of Traveling Vineyard, you have wine tasting and receive valuable host “perks.” All you need is cheese, crackers, and friends! Your consultant will do the rest. You also get five complimentary bottles of wine for you and your friends to enjoy, along with an informative wine tasting lesson.

The presence of Traveling Vineyard on the social media has helped increase the popularity. From those who have experienced us they are even more helpful in getting the message across on the wine that we sell and the added advantage of being part of Traveling Vineyard or hosting us.



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