Troy McQuagge, a Precious Gem to Find

It takes a real man to inspire the world. When you inspire the world, you impact many people’s lives positively in one way or the other. For Troy McQuagge, doing well is more of a norm, something that has made him gain fame over the years. As a corporate leader and entrepreneur, Troy McQuagge has been able to run several top rated companies like USHEALTH Career Agency, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, Small Business Insurance Company Advisors, Precision Dialing Services, USHEALTH Funding, Foundation Financial Services, HealthMarket, USHEALTH Advisors, and USHEALTH Group during his lifetime.

With over thirty years of experience in insurance and sales, Troy has been able to single-handedly boost the productivity of the corporations he heads making them more competitive even in the current market environment. One company that has been incredibly lucky to have Troy McQuagge is none other than USHEALTH Group, an institution he joined in 2014. Three years later, the corporation has been able to enjoy an increase in profit margins and general productivity. Follow Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

Ever since Troy joined USHEALTH Group, he has taken all his roles and responsibilities with a lot of seriousness, something that has helped weigh his worth to the institution in less than five years. For three consecutive years, USHEALTH Group has been nothing less than productive, thanks to Troy’s input. With his ability to resolve multiple yet complex issues, as well as lead and motivate other people, Troy McQuagge’s streak at USHEALTH Group has been nothing short of spectacular. If Troy McQuagge did not give his all to USHEALTH Group, then people would not be able to lead better lives.

As the President and Chief Executive Officer, Troy McQuagge has gained the admiration of his peers in the health insurance business. In 2017, Christmas came early for Troy McQuagge. It is in January that McQuagge got named the Gold Winner as CEO of the year in the highly coveted One Planet Awards. The accolade did not come by chance. It was given to Troy McQuagge after he had proven to the world that he was more than a great leader by bringing order and excellence to USHEALTH Group. Before Troy ever got to join USHEALTH, he desired to re-engineer and reinvent the corporation’s distribution agency. When the time came for Troy to join USHEALTH, he hit the ground running hence the kind of success the company enjoys today.

In his short time at USHEALTH Group, the company has been able to witness unlimited success year after year, something that has encouraged its growth and expansion. With his commitment to providing quality through innovation, Troy McQuagge has remained true to his word. Hence, the future looks promising for USHEALTH Group, thanks to Troy McQuagge.

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