Unroll me, an Email Servicing Firm

Unroll me is a firm headquartered in New York that deals with emails and services related to it, the company was founded in 2010 and has made tremendous progress and profit over the years. Since its opening, it has created several technology apps that are currently used worldwide. The apps have made work more manageable in a lot of ways, e.g., it came up with goggle to help in research. The company’s founder is Jojo Hedaya, the Chief Executive Officer, and his team. Slice technologies manage the company. Unroll me handles uses email and junk. It categorizes a consumer’s email from the most vital to the least essential. The essential information is assembled for ease in accessing documents. It also destroys consumer’s previous subscriptions to apps that may be dangerous and would tamper with one’s personal information.

In 2017 they were numerous cases of cyber-attacks and insecurities including the ransomware. Individuals were getting threatened after using certain apps for ransom. The apps were holding its user’s information for ransom failure to comply with their demands would lead to the destruction of the information. Windows came up with an app to cab such problems. Cyber experts are advising individuals to always read the privacy policy of a particular company before deciding to use it or acquire its services. Since once you agree to the policies any attack on your personal information is void. Users are also advised to delete unnecessary apps or apps that they are done using. Once it’s done, the application will have no access to any of your information anymore.

Unroll me helps customers get services and goods that they require by accessing their personal information and evaluating what consumers need most. The practice has gone a long way in helping consumers to obtain products and services efficiently and fast. Unroll me provides information to other companies on what’s on high demand by consumers all over. The business companies can thereby generate items according to user demands. Unroll me also recently stopped providing services to the European regions to avoid breaking the new rules set by GDPR in the area.


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