Why National Steel Car Will Remain The People’s Favorite

Success is for the patient individuals who are not ready to stop until they achieve their goals. Many investors have big dreams that they take to the grave. This is why a wise person said that the richest places in the world are cemeteries where ideas worth trillions lie. It is vital that we set our objectives straight to avoid deviating. Gregory James Aziz once had a dream to own the National Steel Car Company and make it the leading North America freight car manufacturing company. Fortunately, this dream has come true.


The National Steel Car CEO was born in Ontario. He began his investment career by attending Ridley College and later studied Economics at the University of Western Ontario. After school, James Aziz joined the family firm Affiliated Foods, which he managed for more than two decades. The business greatly benefited from his wise decisions and strategic plans because it was operating globally by the time he left.


At this juncture, many investors would have decided to settle for the business that was already making major milestones. However, Greg Aziz knew he had to be independent and live his dream. Gregory Aziz quit the family business and began searching for banking options.

In 1994, James Aziz was finally prepared financially to purchase the National Steel Car from Dofasco, which he successfully did. The company needed a lot of polishing up to reach the standards that he wanted to accomplish. He gathered his team and educated them on the importance of teamwork; this was the only way they could gain success.


Over the years, Gregory Aziz has made very many adjustments on the National Steel Car to make it more appealing and fit the customer needs. James Aziz says that the success of the National Steel Car Company is attributed to his employees, clients and the core values of the company.

Greg says that the clients have significantly contributed to the success of the firm through their feedback. National Steel Car values the opinion of the client because it is through it that they get to understand their needs and satisfy them. Go To This Page for more information.


The employees have played a huge role as well, and this is why the company holds a party every year, where they invite the old employees of the National Steel Car and honor them for their contribution.

National Steel Car fraternity believes in always being the leading firm in the market. They are keen on ensuring that the quality of their products is not compromised at any time.


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