Zinc it Over: A look by Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a man who has traveled the world and found two great passions in life. The first passion that he has is the world of geology and how important it is for people. The second passion in his life is the world of finance. Matt first went to college at Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with a Masters degree in the subject of geology. Next, he spent the next five years of his life trying to earn a Ph.D. in that subject when a friend turned him on to the subject of finance. This is when the career of Matt Badiali really took shape and he has been loving every minute of it since then.

The turning point in Matt Badiali’s life came in 2004. He began to go around the world in search of new offerings in the precious metal markets. Now he works for a company called Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes a newsletter called “Real Wealth Strategist” and it has taken flight for him. He writes about the latest investments for natural resources all over the world today. In a recent article, Matt talks why people should consider investing in is a metal called zinc.

Zinc is one of the most common and most utilized natural resources. It can be found in many things like sunscreen and it is ud=sed in steel to prevent it from rusting. One thing that Matt Badiali says to be wary of when looking at zinc is the fact that demand for the natural resource far outweighs the supply. Most of the zinc that is mined is primarily used for steel so that it doesn’t rust. Matt says the shortage of the metal is only going to get worse before it gets better.

One reason that Matt points out to invest in zinc is that a company has found a new mine of the natural resource. He says that a small group of people hit the mother lode of zinc mines and the investment could change the course of many people’s lives. The investment could bring billions of dollars to the world economy but people must act fast or the opportunity will soon disappear.

This is what Matt Badiali does for a living. He helps people along in the world of natural resources. He loves his job and that is what counts. His life couldn’t be better at this point.

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